Absolutely not. We have players who attend regularly, driving up to an hour one way to enjoy the game with us.


Our instructors have at least 20 years experience playing Mah Jongg and are sensitive to those learning the game. You won’t feel intimated. You will not need anything for the lessons except the willingness to learn. Lessons are available to those who join the center and can be scheduled around your availability.

Answer a few quick questions here and we’ll get back to.

No it isn’t. Mah Jongg is an old Chinese game. Many people play the game and no religious affiliation is required or exists. The game was introduced to this country about 1920. During the twenty’s and thirty’s it became popular among Jewish women. The National Mah Jongg League was formed by a group of Jewish women to standardize the rules used in this country. But, to answer your question, the game is not Jewish nor is it limited to play by those of the Jewish faith. At the Fishers Mah Jongg Center we do not allow discussions of religion or politics.

Mah Jongg is an old Chinese game. But in this country we play with a few additional tiles and different rules. Our center plays American style following the National Mah Jongg League rules.

Yes, while the majority of our players are women, we welcome the men too.

Not at all, we provide the sets. You do need the current ‘hands card’ from the National Mah Jongg League. We usually have a few extra for sale. If not they are available locally and by mail.

No, both members and guests may attend as they please.

Possibly, depending upon the number of people taking lessons. However only those taking lessons and the instructor(s) will be with you.

No, you may come late, leave early or play all day. Tournament play and special events excepted.

This is not uncommon. We all started as beginners. We have two options, attend one of our “Relaxed Play Sessions” where the game pace is usually a bit slower with time for questions and thought. Or we may be able to arrange a table just for beginners like you.